Martello Blanket with winter motive and a name

Martello Blanket with winter motive and a name

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100% organic cotton

63 € incl. VAT

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Personalized baby blanket with the name of baby.

Motive: Snowlakes

Colours: beige, red, blue

This kind of quality wool is warm and pleasant to the touch.

Material: 100% organic cotton

Blanket size: 120x90 cm

Maintenance: wash max. on 40°C, ideally with the product for cotton.

Note: Please, add the information about the birth of the baby (name, date and time of birth, measures of the baby) to the note while filling the order form.

Delivery time is up to 14 days.

The characteristics and the material of the personalized blankets

The blankets are hypoalergenic and have such technical characteristics, which are keeping the warmth during the winter times and the heat is passed through it during hot days, so the babies are not sweating.

A 100 % natural yarn - combination of cotton and wool, made without pesticides, is used for the production of our blankets. The high quality of the cotton guarantees the duration of the blanket for many years.

Produced in EU by Martello

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