Satin robe Carmen

Satin robe Carmen

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Personalized gift

59 € incl. VAT

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A short elegant dressing gown made of delicate and thin material. The structure of the material is similar to silk. Bathrobe decorated with a beautiful French lace at the sleeves and on the neck. A belt is attached to the dressing gown. Below the lace you can personalize your bathrobe. A perfect gift for a loved one. Bathrobe is ideal for wedding preparations, photo sessions and honeymoon.

The bathrobe will bring out your beautiful shapes, which will give you confidence. You will feel special in important moments for you.

Bathrobe can be purchased with full personalization. Personalization is made of one of the oldest methods, which is embroidery. Thanks to the personalization, the product takes on an individual character. If you want your bathrobe to be personalized, enter the text in the frame and select the color of the embroidery.


95% polyester, 5% elastane