70 cm

65 €

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Mouse fairy and mouse ballerina are made of high quality materials, are modern and decorated in pastel shades, with a strong emphasis on decorative elements. It fits perfectly into any interior nursery.

Height: 70 cm

Material: linen, cotton, polyester fibers

Skirt color: pink, grey, red

Pants color for mouse boy: blue pants 

We would like to mention that with each toy is treated individually and for its production we use natural materials, which is becoming the product unique and ecologically.
These handmade friendly maskots are original gifts for the children. So if you are looking for a modern, exclusive gift for child birthday or to decorate your home or nursery, please contact us.

Due to the craftsmanship and hand production, each toy can be slightly different from those presentations to photos in our gallery.

Delivery time: 20 working days


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